T project

a housing complex for two brothers in the Village of Turaan surrounded by olive trees and valley views.

the building gives each entity its privacy while the whole complex design marks its unity as one object.

the public spaces are giving each resident its private garden and setting area while the pool is connecting between them, at the entrance, the waterfall marks the flow toward the pool and the olive fields in front.

Under construction : 2020

Y project​

The project is located in Nazareth Illit , facing a view toward a green soccer field, a duplex that we added a new floating mass to it. As a result of this traction, was necessary to do some changes to the building: moving columns and re-design the internal structure of the interior space of the house.

The house envelope serves an important role in area climates – (Mediterranean), and has a dual role – the core space get less heated in summer, so the sun does not directly warm these walls by being cooled by the air gap betwean the wood and the interior walls by natural ventilation. And in winter the facade can be opened and lets the sun’s rays get in and heat the interior.

S project​


Under process project at the city of shfaraam , a family house that includes a wide hosting area ,a large scale rooms , two pools , hoverng decking area with one pool and gardeen ,Gym and more ..

completing estimated in 2016 .

RDV project​


a project at the Ramat David Kebotz , Near Nazareth City .

one story house , facing the kebotz public pool , this house includes a centered patio for green and lighting , outdoor entrance and terrace that are roofed and lighting efficincy consideration .

completed in 2013

B1 project​
a unique project at the city of nazareth ,that includes special architectural and design approach , by using local materials and design language and transform them into contemporary design language .
estimated year of completion 2016
JSJ project​

under process project attached housing reconstruction from scratch , using all stone finishes and elemnts for layering , adding a rooftop hovering on toip the all stone two floors , for gathering activites and entertainments

design fase : approved


architect in charge : Arch Rami Kopty

R&N Shehadeh project​

under process project, three unites including a penthouse with full openness, a ground floor for gathering and activities including full-size pool , the location is at kfr yasif in the north, facing a lovely view to mountain Carmel and the mediteranian sea

M project​

under process project at the extension of Afula city , that includes a minimal design language , with pool and protected shadded glassed facades ,using a green materials in building and coverings.

completing estemated in 2015

B2 project​

a New residential complex at nazareth Illit , under design process , that includes several rooms nomber and two apartments ,using green materials and renewable energy.

estimated completion : ----

E project

a New residential complex at nazareth Illit ,two apartments , extended ontop an existing house , viewing the mountains of the north

completed 2017

SA project​

a New residential complex at nazareth , under permits process , that includes several rooms nomber and two apartments ,using green materials and renewable energy.

estimated completion : ----



SS project

a private duplix at nazareth Illit , under process , that includes clever design aproaches for functionality and space , and extending the valle's views that this house is facing

estimated completion : 2014


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SA project