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Kopty Architecture and Civil Engineering offer complete Design services for both residential and commercial Projects, Along with chef Restaurants and Franchise branches and more.

Kopty specializes in Architecture, Civil engineering, and interior design and more...

Kopty Architecture offers many approaches that will have you falling in love with your Place all over again by  Transform your space or creating a new one.


Kopty Architecture creates perfect space from the macro to the micro. We will support you throughout the entire design process, from design to furniture design ,Ideas ,theme and atmosphere desires. Don't leave anything to chance. We will make it right the first time.

Architect Rami Kopty
Arch. Rami Kopty in Architecture , B.Arch 



Arch. Rami Kopty ,graduated from the Faculty of architecture and town planning  at The Technion Institue of technology , Haifa ,Israel. were he got the  degree in architecture and Town planning  in 2013 and  B.Arch in 2009 .

 Finishing his degree with outstanding recognitions in the faculty , along the state and world wide by winning several prizes in competetions , participate in the Exchange student program at the politecnico di Torino , Italy . worked as advisor in second year studio at the technion .


Rami planned and designed several private residental houses , Interior design for both private and public spaces beside Retails shops, Restaurants , Fast food branches , open chapel ,exhibition and more.

Born and raised in the historic Nazareth, Rami has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. 


Today Rami is surrounded with his cicle of clients , that are into design and perfection a looking for quality and unique design . his experty is in luxuary resideance , Restaurants , bars and cafe's besides shops and branches .


Rami worked at the well known firm in Telaviv ,as a part of the design team at  Mann Shinar Architects 2009-2010. designing and planning in a large scale of towns , hight rise , malls and haifa's new sea port .


also working with Arch. Dr. Els Verbakel  (Derman Verbakel Architects) on two urban projects at Kontich and harelbaki , Belgium .


Rami's passion for Architecture is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that he creates. An ability to collaborate with Engineers, contractors, and his clients have earned Rami a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

Eng. Joseph Kopty
Eng. Joseph Kopty
Civil Engineer


Eng. Joesph Kopty , Graduate from the Technion Institute of Technology in 1978 , a Civil engineer and the Owner of Kopty architects and Engineers firm that established in 1981 ,specialized in civil engineering construction and planning of many private and public buildings , commercial and Plants.

Participate and graduate with certificate from course of

Bridging at  the national lawyers office for experts reviews.

registered in the organization of the complete specialization - Israel Institute experts review institute.

arbiter by courts.

his 38 Years (1981) experience in his field has gained Eng. Joseph a huge cycle of clients and many projects types , from residential to factories and plants such as ( Lehem erez (food factory) , Mcdonalds israel , san frost (Factory) , SNA Service Center (shama) hundreds of private houses and more , covering all the regions in Israel from north to south .


Arch. Rozan Kopty

Arch. Rozan Kopty Lahham

M.A , B.Arch



Adv. Ranin Kopty
Adv. Ranin Kopty Shehadeh

Ranin Qubti Shehadeh (Jurist), Graduated from Law and
government school at IDC (Interdisciplinary Center)
Herzliyya in 2015 , where she got her LL.B Law degree and B.A in government, diplomacy and Strategy.

Ranin has Finished her Internship in Criminal Law at the
Ministry of justice, Nazareth, 2016.

Today Ranin is continuing for her LL.M Law at USW University of South
Wales, UK.

In our office, Ranin is working with the different Planning and
Building Committees indirect and  by the new online system of the municipalities for getting Building permits for our clients and projects.


Arch. Rozan Kopty Lahham, a recent masters graduate ,master of arts with Commendation in interior Design from University of Hertfordshire and the IDI ,UK .

graduated from the faculty of architecture and town planning at the Technion institute of technology, Haifa,Israel for her B.Arch in 2011.

 graduated with honors from the faculty of architecture, winning several local and worldwide Prizes in known architecture competitions, worked as advisor in second year studio at the Technion.

Rozan also studied Fashion Design in the Central Siant Martins College of Art and Design, London,UK.and NABA -Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano,Italy.


While Rozan has worked as an architect since her second year

in architecture school, in a design team at the well know firm

Yishai-WillsonArchitects in Telaviv, Israel (2008-2009),

Avigdor Yacobi Architects, Haifa,Israel (2011-2012),

Eliasaph Bar Architects, Ramat-David, Israel (2012-2014).

 Design and Planning in a large scale of towns , Train Stations, Hotels, 

Residences, College Campos and many Public Buildings.


Rozan's passion for Architecture, Interior Design and Fashion ,

are reflected into a several designing projects she planned and

designed; with a unique professional  creative and a technical solutions 

 all applied within a structure or an organisation to achieve a built

interior environment she designed projects in a wide range of styles using their ability and experience to integrate varied and unique materials with cutting edge technology in new and distinctive ways. 

Specialised in interiors retails , commerce and residential design spaces .


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